Talent profiling + Team profiling + Requirement profiles + Cultural analysis

Talentview provides a web-based solution which supports the following areas of your human resource department:

  • Talent profiling and development: Identify individual employee skills and potentials in order to create a development plan adapted to individual talents and preferences.
  • Team Building and development: Create an understanding of individual preferences in order to enhance collective strengths and increase communication and collaboration in teams.
  • Create Requirement profiles: Create requirement profiles of your desired candidates which shows the individual skills relevant to the job.
  • Job-Matching: Compares the individual profiles with the requirement profiles. Focus on getting the right people on the bus. Do these people fit your culture? Share your basic values and agree with your strategic company targets?
  • Cultural analysis & fit: Carrying out an organizational culture analysis, using an online, anonymous employee survey.

Talentview supports candidate-fit search, personnel development as well as team and organizational development, through web-based questionnaire tools. The ´Individual Profile` identifies skills, talents and job preferences of employees and potential candidates.

Future business is characterized by a strong information network. This applies not only to machines and computer-assisted systems, but also to the most important company resource: people. Therefore the challenges in current and future business environments call for new strategies in recruiting and collaboration in teams. The interaction of different personalities encourages creativity in teams and strengthens competitiveness. High professional employee qualifications are usually given. In many situations, however, social skills such as communication skills, entrepreneurship and sense of responsibility, as well as individual skills such as innovative strength and organizational talent, determine success or failure.