How it works

Talentview uses an “8 Function Model” in order to identify individual preferences, skills and potentials of candidates and employees. The measurements of the results are based on the responses to a 60 questions online questionnaire evaluator, with the following four response possibilities: A, B, Ab or Ba for preferences. The output is a 14-15 page candidate profile, as well as a 4-5 page expertise profile for HR decision makers, including detailed analysis, a summary and graphical presentations.

Our profiling results and analysis are based on long-term experiences and are subject to continually validation and further development by our research team (see scientific basis).

When creating new or reviewing existing teams, the individual profiles are arranged one by one, providing a visual overview of the capabilities of the entire team. The so-called `team mapping´ tool has been developed for team development measures and  workshops. The team mapping shows whether a team is matched with regard to complementarities and all the necessary team functions are covered.